I would like to introduce our kennel.

Irish TerrierOur kennel was established in 1997. Tereza Velor Pet (ow. Krasnova I.) became the first dog. She is the Champion of Russia-95, CACIB BOB. She has also different hunting diplomas. The beginning of her carrier wasn't a success enough. But in 1997 we bred Tereza Velor Pet with a male from «Stedinger», and got a very nice litter. Puppies were typical and sound.
«Stedinger» dogs are always famous for their excellent bodies. All of them wiry in movement, have strong and perfectly straight legs; long, fine shoulders and deep, muscular chest. Besides they have bright red and free of softness coats. The dogs are of good temper.
The male Grigus Bustle (30.08.93 ow. Lazareva M.) a descendent of the two exported dogs Stedinger Nase (ow. Korobkova G.) and St. Patrick's Aira (ow. Pokrovskay) became the most successful and popular male in Russia. This male was an Interchampion, a Champion of Russia. And a Champion of National Terrier Club.
Irish TerrierHis show-career was astonishing. Taking part in different National competitions in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 he was the best. I"d prefer Grigus Bustle's body to be slightly longer. But it didn't prevent him from being the second in the WORLD DOG SHOW in Helsinki, judge Mr. P. Stanton. Grigus Bustle was beyond comparison among European and English dogs. His descendents inherited his best qualities. They also made excellent show-careers. But it's very important, all these dogs showed themselves as perfect breeders.
Today in our kennel there is an outstanding female. The is a daushter of Grigus Bustle and Tereza Velor Pet - Richly Red Zhozefina (br/ow. Krasnova I). She was the first Russian – breeding dog, which had been rewarded as a Champion of Europe. In 1998 she took part in the WORLD DOG SHOW (Helsinki) and became the second in intermediate class. In Amsterdam she was the third in winners Bitch in 2002. This female inherited the best qualities from Grigus Bustle, the male who played the major role in the establishment of Richly Red strain. She is very active, sound, spirited and playful. She is good tempered, tender with those she loves, she is always ready for quardingner mistress, shooing fire and animation.
Among her descendants there are 8 - Champion Russia, 1 - Interchampions, 2 - Champion of Poland. Irish TerrierRichly Red Zhozefina gave us several perfect litters. All puppies are up to the mark.
And now our Kennel are trying to fix the best qualities of our best dogs using inbreeding.
The result of such inbreeding gave us two excellent females Richly Red Iraida and Richly Red Izabella Iness (Champion of Russia, National Champion, Champion of Byelorussia, 4 - CACIB) Both females have good proportions, bright-red coat and a strongly resemblance to their father Grigus Bustle.
We got six puppies breeding Transpazifik v.d. Emsmuehle (ow. Korobkova&Sitova) and Richly Red Zhozefina (br/ow. Krasnova I). Three of them became Champions of Russia, National Champions, Champions of Baltia and Poland, and Interchampions. These dogs are up to standart, but in my opinion they are slightly tall.
In 1999 we bought a male from well-known kennel "Merry Mac" . Using the male, helped us to successed in producing perfect dogs. I believe, that sound, nice puppies are the best reward for breeders and owners. Because people can enjoy intelligent, affectionate and good – tempered dogs.
We have already got 4 Interchampions in our kennel. They are Grigus Bustle, Richly Red Zhozefina., Merry Mac Take Me To The Top, Richly Red Karmen.
We are convinced, that we will be able to improve results.
The litters from Merry Mac Take Me To The Top - Richly Red Zhozefina and Merry Mac Take Me To The Top, Richly Red Izabella Iness are also very good.
The female Richly Red Noty Child (ow.I.Jaglarz) is making a successful carrier. She has became a winner of many International Competitions. Now the female is living in Poland.
We would like our dogs to be popular among people, who share our passion for the Irish Terriers it will make people's life more exciting.
Best wishes!

Welcome to our kennel!
Irish Terrier